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All students in grades 7 to 12 can register at no charge. Just click on the graphic below and enter "Free" when you create your account. The free student account provides access to the most recent MyHealth Magazine weekly updates, which are published throughout the school year. Our weekly updates typically include anonymous Q&A’s, interactive quizzes and must-watch videos, as well as evidence-based, ultra-brief tips on how to boost well-being and improve academic success.‚Äč 



Registering as part of a school:

If your school has purchased a premium account subscription to MyHealth Magazine, click on the graphic below and enter the access code (e.g., TG779) that your school, group or organization can provide you. A premium school account offers everyone in your school – all students, parents, educators and staff -  access to MyHealth Magazine. In addition to weekly updates, a premium account gives teachers, parents and school staff full access to tips and strategies (e.g., Try this), as well as online programs (e.g., Feeling good™, Learn-how-to-learn™) designed to improve the well-being of students and enhance their success at school. 

Purchasing a premium account:  

Click here for more information about pruchasing premium accounts or for more information about MyHealth Magazine. 





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