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The Stress Questionnaire measures the degree to which you have two types of stress. Stress as load and Stress as worry. Stress as load is about the number of things you have to get done at any given time. The more you have to do, the greater your load. Stress as worry is about what you think about what you have to do. If you worry about getting it done, or worry that no one will like it, or that you are going to fail – then you have a lot of stress as worry. Take this quiz once a month to track how your worry is changing. The Stress Quiz can be launched from the Stress Quiz icon at the bottom of every page. 
To get started just click on the picture. If you complete the Stress Quiz more than once, we will plot your scores, so you can keep track of how your stress -- as load and worry -- changing over time. 
Important!  In order to use the interactive questionnaires, you will need to create a free account. Click on this link and enter FREE as your access code. 
Try our strategies and tips

Dealing with stress as load and stress as worry requires two different types of strategies. When your stress as load is high, you need to find strategies that will lessen the load. This includes like becoming more efficient when you work by removing distractions, such as phones, and adopting more effective study skills. But it also includes strategies, such as asking for help and getting more people involved in what you need to get done.  When your stress as worry is high, you need to find strategies that will reduce your worry, such as fact-checking, relaxation breathing and mindfulness. 

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