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When students are taught rules and routines at the beginning of the year and these rules are enforced consistently across time, students do better academically and are more engaged during class 

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Q: My parents fight all the time. I also have a little sister. She often cries when my parents fight. How am I supposed to cope with my parents fighting and my sister becoming worried that they will split up?

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While the exact cause of mental illness is unknown, certain risk factors, such as genetic predisposition, gender, poverty, and substance abuse, can make it more likely that symptoms will emerge. 

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"Real depression is being sad when everything in your life is going right," explains Kevin Breel, a comedian and a writer, in his talk about personal struggles with depression. 

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Kid's Help Phone counsellors provide immediate support, information, and referrals for youth who need help. Last year, they helped young people over two million times by phone and online.

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