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Students who were bullied but had one or more classmates defending them were less anxious and depressed than those without defenders. Here is what you can do to stand up to bullying ... 

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Q: Why do I fall asleep every day when I get home from school? I don’t have any sleep disorders. 
A: Sleep disorders aren't as rare as you think. About 25 to 50% of children and teens have some kind of sleep disorder,.

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Seventeen to 32% of people who go to the emergency department with chest pain are actually suffering from a panic attack. Panic disorder affects people of all ages, but it is most common in young adults. . 

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Those who witness bullying only intervene 19% of the time, but when they do, bullying stops within 10 seconds. See how different bystanders came to the defense of one young person being bullied at the bus stop.  

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Helplines provides information for youth about the effects and risks of mixing medications with substances like cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other street drugs.

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