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Teenage girls say that they feel unprepared to deal with their first period. When asked how adults could help prepare them better, only 17% of girls said they wanted more facts. Help your daughter feel more prepared with these tips.
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Q: I’m a fourteen year old male, and I still haven’t started going through puberty. When is the usual date for that to start, and also are there any pills or things you can take to make it go faster?
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Certain tribes in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay show no cases of acne, and Canadian Inuit are relatively acne-free. One explanation for their clear skin is their diet.
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There are 250 000 sweat glands on your feet that can go into high gear any time you trap them in a pair of sneakers or flats. In fact, a foot can produce about a pint of sweat each day. Here is what you could do to combat foot odour:
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Will your son start puberty six months to two years earlier than expected? Is his brain going to develop at the same rate as his body? Listen to what Dr. Marcia E. Herman-Giddens, a researcher on the growth and development of children, has to say. Click here to listen.

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