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Students who take notes are more mentally engaged than those who simply listen to a speaker or read a document.  Help your students master note-taking technique and benefit from it: 

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Q: I have done webcamming and sending pictures, which I regret horribly. I don't need a lecture, because I will NEVER do it again. I'm in grade eight. What do I do if someone finds out? 

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Two-thirds of adult Canadians are not physically active enough. Only 39% of female youth and 44% of male youth are active enough for optimal growth and development!to. 

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Want to take great notes and end up with even better grades? Watch this tutorial that explains step-by-step how to take notes by using the Cornell Note Taking System. 

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Helplines is a canadian website that helps young people stop the spread of sexual images. On average, receives over 1,000 reports and 75,000 page views per month.  

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