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Students who were repeatedly tested while studying recalled significantly more after a week than those who were just restudying the material (61% vs. 40%).  They also spent less time rereading the material (3.4 times vs. 14.2 times) while preparing for the final exam .

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Q: Hi. I have panic attacks every day. I really want to know how these panic attacks will go away, because they scare me so much. I need to know how do you get rid of panic attacks, and will this anxiety ever go away, because it’s ruining my life.  

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Body piercing is much more common than tattooing. While 27% of teens are pierced, only 8% have tattoos. Rates of both piercings and tattoos are higher among university students. In the United States, just over 50% have piercings and 23% have tattoos.  

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Almost a third of teenagers say they experience "extreme stress" during the school year. Watch the animated BBC video and learn some of the top strategies on how to manage your stress, including relaxation breathing, problem solving and relying on others for support.  

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Helplines works with young people aged 14-29 to promote wellness, reduce mental health stigma, and increase access to community organizations, professionals and peer support groups. 

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