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Research shows that without practicing, you’ll forget about 60%  of what you learned within just 24 hours. And if you don’t rehearse for an entire week, you’ll forget  approximately 80% of information you learned.

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Q: My parents are judgmental and expect a lot from me, and I am only in my first year of junior high. I try to point it out, but they still won’t stop. It just goes to the point where I’m overstressed and do crappy on my school assignments.

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What is body fat and how much is too much? Does eating fat make you fat? How do you tell unsaturated and saturated fat apart? Do overweight people live longer? Find out.  

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Almost a third of teenagers say they experience "extreme stress" during the school year. Watch the animated BBC video and learn some of the top strategies on how to manage your stress, including relaxation breathing, problem solving and relying on others for support.  

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Helplines works with young people aged 14-29 to promote wellness, reduce mental health stigma, and increase access to community organizations, professionals and peer support groups. 

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