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About 60% of parents admit to reading their children's text messages. Most teens view their parents’ behaviour as a breach of trust. So how do you protect your children without losing their trust?
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Q: My mother reads ALL my text messages, goes on my Facebook and even talks to people!!?? What can I do about this? I need more privacy. I’m 15.
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Set point weight is the weight that your body likes to stay at, even if you try to gain or lose pounds. Scientists estimate that each person has his or her set point weight.
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Symptoms of concussion in college athletes can last up to one month after the injury. Some symptoms, including dizziness, memory loss, difficulty thinking, irritability, headaches and sleep problems, can last much longer.
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Interested in volunteering abroad? Canada World Youth offers programs for youth ages 15 to 25. Over the past 40 years, CWY has sent over 38,000 youth volunteers to 69 countries worldwide.
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