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It takes just minutes to enroll your students, staff, managers and employes in MyHealth Magazine and start enjoying concise, evidence-based information about practical skills and strategies that will improve your health and well being. Click here to get started and enroll your group. An annual subscription is usually just about a $1.50 a day. 

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There are two ways to create an account. The first is with an ACCESS CODE (e.g., TG779) that you were provided by your school, group or organization. This method of registering is usually for students, parents and employees belonging to a group, school or oganization that has already enrolled. If you have an access code and are ready to create your account, please click here.

The second way of creating an account is with an email address. This method of registering is usually for teachers and managers. If your entire organization already has a subscription to the magazine, then you may be able to create an account just by entering your email address. If your organization has a site license, please click here.

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If your organization would like to try out MyHealth Magazine, you can email us at ( and request some complimentary accounts. 

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If you would like more information about obtaining a subscription to the magazine or about registering your school for a site license, please click here.



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