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People who have persistent, long-lasting negative thoughts are three to six times more likely to become clinically depressed.  Here are some steps teachers can take to help students keep their negative thoughts in check...

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Q: Lately, I’ve felt kinda lonely.  My best friend always chooses someone else over me. Whenever I talk to her on Facebook or text her, she’s so nice and caring, but then I get to school and she has someone better. I don't know what to do.

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Very few athletes are willing to confront their coach about bullying. However, emotional abuse in sport is serious and can lead to self-harm, anxiety and depression. If your coach is being emotionally abusive, here is what you can do: 

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Do you often struggle with negative thoughts? Are you ready to stop them in their tracks? Watch this tutorial to learn how to challenge your negative thinking by using the triple R-R-R technique.

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The US Department of Agriculture Food SuperTracker is an interactive website that allows you to search and find the nutritional content of over 8,000 foods

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