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Have you had a falling out with someone?Is your friend ignoring your texts and refusing to talk to you because of something that happened? If you are wondering what to do to fix your friendship, try these tips.

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Q: How can I tell my parents I have a boyfriend for the first time? Should I tell them at all? I’m so confused! 

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Info Sheet

Having a tan will not protect you from sunburn. Having a tan is about the same as wearing sunscreen with a SPF 4, which provides minimal protection on a day with a high UV index.

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Other issues

Think about it!

Students who drop out of high school earn an average of $9,200 less per year than those who graduate. This adds up to $375,000 during their lifetime! What's more, those who finish college will make roughly $1 million more during their career than students who never finish high school. Read more. Click here.

Things to do

Interested in volunteering abroad? Check out Canada World Youth, an international non-profit organization that offers programs for youth ages 15 to 25. Over the past 40 years, CWY has sent over 38,000 youth volunteers to 69 countries worldwide. 

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