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Worried about failing a test? Scared that no one likes you? Feel like things never go your way? Next time you find yourself thinking that the worst will happen, try these tips.
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Q: Hi. I have panic attacks every day. I’ll see a therapist soon, but I really want to know how these panic attacks will go away because they scare me so much, and I don't know what to do. 

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Is PYA for you?

Can't stop awfulizing? You might need a PYA intervention. PYA stands for “Push Your A...” and was developed by a famous psychologist, Albert Ellis. He believed the best way to deal with your fears is by facing them head on.

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How not to

People regularly underestimate how long it takes to finish tasks – even simple ones. Research shows that on average small projects take a few more days to complete than  students expect, while big projects take about three weeks longer to complete. Learn how to beat procrastination with these tips. Click here.

Must watch

Embark on a hilarious journey inside the mind of a master procrastinator with Tim Urban, a blogger and self-proclaimed procrastinator. Click here to watch Tim's TED Talk.

After you stop laughing, make sure to read our tips on how to beat procrastination. 


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