how many students
report symptoms
of depression?

Are you more
stressed than
most people
your age?

Most sodium
in our diet
comes from
the salt shaker?

Try this

Procrastination has been consistently related to low grades in courses and on exams. It comes as no surprise that 95% of procrastinators say they would prefer to procrastinate less. Get things done with our tips for tackling procrastination.: 

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They asked us

Q: I’m 15. I started my period when I was 13. I have never had sex, and my period hasn't come for over two months. It has been late before too.I don't know what’s wrong with it. 

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Info sheet

Headaches can impact relationships and academic success. Students who had headaches were more likely to have anxiety and other problems that affect social skills and school performance.  

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Other issues

Must watch

Does eating a large plate of pasta make you feel calmer? What happens when you eat white bread? How much energy does your brain need to function properly? Watch this video and learn how food we eat affects our brains.  

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Last year, Kids Help Phone helped young people over two million times  through phone and online counselling services. 

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