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Anxious parents can pass on anxiety to their children.

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Are you more stressed than most people your age?

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Do you sleep in on the weekends?

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As many as one in seven people will use self-harm in their lifetime as a way to deal with emotional pain. If you self-harm and would like to know how you can stop, check out these tips.

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You asked us

Q:I wanted to get help for my self-harm, so I started seeing the child and youth worker at school, but she hasn't really been helping. I would like see a more professional counsellor, but I don't know how to do that without my parents finding out. Read more. Click here.


Info sheet

Only 50% of people get prescription diet pills from a health care provider. About 11% get their pills from a diet clinic, and 8% from friends and family. A further 8% reported getting their pills from another source, including illegal markets.
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Pop Quiz

Do you never know what to do with yourself? Find it hard to concentrate? Often feel like "been there done that"? Take our quiz to find out whether you get bored easily.

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Helplines is Canada’s tipline for reporting in appropriate sexual pictures and videos. Click here

We now have over 300 helplines and online resources on dozens of topics. Check them out. Click here.

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