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True or NOT

Girls are more likely than boys to have severe cases of acne.

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Check your STRESS

Are you more stressed than most people your age?

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POLL of the Week

When do you usually go to bed on a school night?

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Try this

It’s almost midnight. Lights are off, but you are wide awake tossing and turning in your bed. What can you do? Here are some tips to help you fall asleep at a decent hour.

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You asked us

Q: I'm 14, where's puberty? I’m pretty much flat as a wall and I haven't had my period yet!!! What’s my problem!? Is there any way to speed up the process? I’m getting really tired of the jokes.

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Info sheet

Certain tribes in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay show no cases of acne, and Canadian Inuit are relatively acne-free. One explanation for their clear skin is their diet.

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Pop Quiz

What is the first sign of puberty in a girl, growth spurt or breast development? Who has more hair, boys or girls? Not sure? Take our puberty quiz and find out.

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Helplines is Canada’s tipline for reporting in appropriate sexual pictures and videos. Click here.

We now have over 300 helplines and online resources on dozens of topics. Check them out. Click here.

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