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True or NOT

Vegetarians don’t get enough protein from their diet.

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Check your STRESS

Are you more stressed than most people your age?

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POLL of the Week

How many sunburns have you had so far?

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Try this

Have you had a falling out with someone? Is your friend ignoring your texts and refusing to talk to you because of something you did? If you are wondering what to do to fix your friendship, try these tips.

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You asked us

Q:It seems like everyone at school has friends but me. I do have one but she constantly puts me down.I can't find a new friend because my school is really small and all the other girls are really fake Please help me!

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Info sheet

Heavy, regular drinking is more common among young people aged 15-24 (11.7%) than people aged 25 and up (3.9%). A survey of 16-year-olds from 35 countries revealed that 43% reported binge drinking in the past 30 days.
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Pop Quiz

How many Canadians are vegetarians? Should a competitive athlete stay away from a vegetarian diet? Are vegetarians skinnier than meat eaters? Find out.Take our quiz on vegetarianism.

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Helplines is Canada’s tipline for reporting in appropriate sexual pictures and videos. Click here

We now have over 300 helplines and online resources on dozens of topics. Check them out. Click here.

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