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True or NOT

Depression has the highest death rate of any mental illness.

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Check your STRESS

Are you more stressed than most people your age?

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POLL of the Week

What do you say when your friend makes a negative comment about his or her own body?

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Try this

Not sure how to say no to your friends when they ask you do something you don’t want to, like drinking, stealing, or lying. Next time try these tips.

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You asked us

Q: Hey, me and my b/f have been fighting a lot lately. He's always so overprotective, jealous, and telling me what to do. I really love him, but I can’t take this anymore. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

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Info sheet

About 20% of Canadian females under the age of 18 will be physically or sexually abused in a dating relationship, the Public Health Agency of Canada estimates.

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Pop Quiz

When someone treats you badly, do you hold a grudge? Or do you forgive and forget? Take our quiz to find out where you fall on the Forgiveness Scale!

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Helplines is Canada’s tipline for reporting in appropriate sexual pictures and videos. Click here.

We now have over 300 helplines and online resources on dozens of topics. Check them out. Click here.

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